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Shawn Ingram
0comments Motorstorm Apocalypse slated for Spring 2011, demo and DLC planned
Posted Wed 15th Dec 2010 11:11pm by Shawn Ingram
Motorstorm Apocalypse, the third entry in the off-road PlayStation racing franchise was announced at E3 2010, and today has a launch windows of Spring 2011. To whet the appetite of the series' fans, and for newcomers, a demo of the game is schedule for 2011. The demo has no release date, though will hopefully come close to the launch of the full game.
Evolution, the game's developer also announced that it has "big ambitions" for post-release content. The studio hope to bring out DLC with features and ideas that they couldn't fit into the development of the game. That includes a track that they hope to release as free DLC.
With these announcements Evolution showed off a new track, Skyline, and one of the new vehicles, the Superbike. The trailer was shown in stereoscopic 3D, to show off that the entire game will be playable in 3D. You can view the full trailer for Skyline in 2D right here:

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