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Ming Fung
0comments iPad 2 graphics performance dwarfs other tablets, similar to NGP
Posted Wed 23rd Mar 2011 8:44am by Ming Fung
On track for UK launch
Apple is now confirming that the UK launch will go ahead on the 25th March. It was recently reported that the tragedy in Japan, and the demand in the US may have caused a UK launch delay. The iPad 2 sold 300K in its opening weekend with an estimated 70% of purchases being made by new adopters’ of iPad.
Apple told Techradar
"Everything that is on the website still holds true; the website says 25 March and that's when it'll be."
Reports also suggest that whilst iPad 2 does not have 9x the graphics performance, it is significantly quicker than other tablets. A benchmark done by Anandtech showed an increase of 2x-7x when compared to the Motorola Xoom and iPad 1 across various tests.
Interestingly the iPad 2 uses a dual core version of the same graphics chip in Sony’s NGP; the PSP successor will use the quad core version. Will new iterations of iPad bring with it a graphics performance improvement? Will this make NGP obsolete sooner rather than later?
iPad 2 sold out (Mashable)
iPad 2 faster (Mashable)

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