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Jim Hargreaves
2comments DC Universe Online launches Nov 2nd
Posted Mon 26th Jul 2010 4:43pm by Jim Hargreaves
Won't require PlayStation Plus
DC Universe Online has been one of the biggest attractions at this year's Comic Con at San Diego, and rightfully so. For those in the dark, DCUO takes the finest strands from the DC universe timeline, and then combines this ideal period with an action-driven MMO experience. More interesting is that fact that the game is also launching on PlayStation 3, becoming the very first massively multiplayer online roleplaying game to grace the platform in the West, confirmed for a November 2nd release date.
One question many had in mind was whether playing the game would require a PlayStaion Plus membership, and the answer is no; DC Universe Online will require its own subscription payment at $14.99 a month, with discounts looking very unlikely for PS+ users. The development team also announced that several famous voice actors would be lending their talent to the finished game, including Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy (Batman: Arkham Asylum.)
The project is looking very promising, and now that SOE have effectively thrust DCUO into the spotlight, hopefully we will be seeing some action from both The Agency and Free Realms in the near future.

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Jim Hargreaves
0 GK Points
Date Posted 27/07/2010 6:31pm
The first segment of the trailer didn't really make sense, but I love the twist surrounding Lex Luthor and the whole sense of our created heroes and villains passively preventing Brainiac from annihilating everything.
Ashley Martin
289 GK Points
Date Posted 27/07/2010 5:52pm
Superman seems a bit emo. I thought he was supposed to be the straight guy...
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