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Joseph Regan
3comments Rift Makes Some Serious Dough
Posted Fri 20th Jan 2012 7:41pm by Joseph Regan
Guest Staring- Twisted Metal news!
Want to learn some industry jargon?  When a game has gone gold, it means that it's officially finished production and all that data is ready to be put onto a disk. 
Well, Twisted Metal is now that.  Gold.  Ready for its release date of Feb 14th of this year.  So... rest assured, it won't be delayed at this point, unless the world encounters a sudden shortage of plastic.
You know what else is gold?  Rift, apparently.  As revealed in a press release held by Trion Worlds, the MMO made $100 million dollars in it's first year.  This may not be that surprising- the game had gathered over a million accounts within the first four months of its release alone.
And in the same announcement, they exposed their new budget of 85 million dollars to spend on their latest project, End of Nations, and on Defiance, a MMO shooter which is intended to have its own TV tie-in on the Syfy channel.
Two bits of news in one article.  That's economical journalism right there.

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Date Posted 14/02/2012 4:54pm
Dan Aherne
116 GK Points
Date Posted 26/01/2012 1:58am
I bought Rift on release and played the free trial. It was quite good I must say, though very similar to WoW. You can tell where they found most of their ideas. Of course this isn't essentially a bad thing, WoW being the market-leader and all, and they improve on it in some aspects. To be honest though, I can't see it ever making as much money.
Ming Fu
809 GK Points
Date Posted 23/01/2012 11:21pm
I wonder how it compares to WoW, along the same time line.
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