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Brendan Griffiths
9comments Metal Gear Solid 5 Reveal Imminent?
Posted Mon 14th Nov 2011 1:21am by Brendan Griffiths
OPM Magazine gives a "stealthy hint."

The UK edition of Official PlayStation Magazine is gearing up for a Metal Gear Solid 5 reveal next issue. That's what all the signals are pointing to at least. Their editor, Ben Wilson, promises a "significant issue" and tells readers to turn to page 81 of the current issue (#64, December) for a "stealthy hint" of what to expect on November 29th.

Fans will be excited to see a familiar exclamation mark, the sign from when a guard foils their sneaky shenanigans in the Metal Gear Solid series. Many of you may have even heard that noise as soon as you saw it. The image behind it appears to show lines of a monitor screen. There are three small white squares underneath, which aren’t a usual page footer in the magazine. Significant or just a style choice? Or maybe a hint of three playable protagonists this time? Snake, Raiden and special mystery guest? We could go on.

Such an excited tease from the magazine implies that this will be more than a hands-on preview of the very quiet sister-title, Metal Gear Rising. With Hideo Kojima drawn back in to help with development of Rising, he's going to have his hands full.

The PSP has been home to numerous prequels in addition to MGS3, making a regular sequel more likely. Solid Snake will need some severe treatment to reverse his clone-related aging if he wants to sneak out of the retirement home though. Until we know more, the upcoming MGS HD collection will help us retread the series’ complex history.


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Date Posted 21/04/2012 7:18am
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Date Posted 20/04/2012 9:56am
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Date Posted 19/04/2012 4:08am
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Date Posted 18/04/2012 12:43pm
This has to be one of the best MGS figures ever! It is emterxly detailed and it does one thing that most of these toys cant do, and that is stand up on it's own lol. Keep it standing on a smooth flat surface and it will stay standing up. The toy it self isn't very poseble, Actually u can't move him at all. But this is a character trohpy any way, to show off in a shelf, not play with. Overall this is one of the best lookin figures of MGS in my collection and recomend it to die hard fans and collecters!
Date Posted 14/11/2011 1:56pm
I think it's Rising, especially as they just said there will be a new trailer for it at the VGAs.
Brendan Griffiths
28 GK Points
Date Posted 14/11/2011 1:54pm
@Dan: Sure, three characters is just a wild guess, you never know. Playing as the The Boss is a great idea and getting more info on her team sounds very interesting, but she has nowhere near as much icon status as the image of Snake (making her a hard marketing sell). Kojima is always trying to say he's not working on MGS or this and that is done, then he always gets sucked back in. He's always changing his mind and I'm pretty sure he could be convinced to bring Snake back, even if it was a bit outlandish. Another reason I think they'd use Snake (or Big Boss again) is the way that fans went mental about Raiden in MGS2, Snake is key to the series in their eyes.
Date Posted 14/11/2011 1:33pm
I think your right with a possible metal Gear Solid 5 title. But I extremely disagree with your opinion on the three playable character. One reason is you said Solid Snake could be a playable character, when in fact your dead wrong. I say this because Solid Snakes story is done and ended with MGS4 and Kojima even said this. Raiden is out of the picture cause his story will be told through the metal Gear Rising games. I also do not believe that the game will be Big Boss because his story was told through MGS3, Portable ops, and peace walker. So when you think about it who could be left that would be a great main protagonist to the metal Gear Series. The only one i believe who could have true significance to the story is THE BOSS. i would love to see this because not much was told about her back in World War II and how she got her name. Plus the Philosphiers is something we do not know much about. Along with her old team (The Pain, The Fury, The Fear, The Sorrow,and The End.
Brendan Griffiths
28 GK Points
Date Posted 14/11/2011 11:44am
@Ben. Thanks for that, I've amended the article. Damn, why didn't I think to look up sheep cloning before I wrote this? I've played through the games, but sadly some of the finer details may have been lost in the hours of cutscenes all those years ago. But hey, at least you put me right in a way that didn't make you seem precious.
Ben Reilly
Date Posted 14/11/2011 9:03am
"Solid Snake will need some severe treatment to reverse his Foxdie-related aging if he wants to sneak out of the retirement home though." Ummmm.... Aging wasn't caused by FOXDIE genius. His aging was caused by his artificially shortened telomeres, just like real clones. Please look up Dolly and actually play a MGS game before you attempt to write another article predicting anything about the series.
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