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Lee Vanden Busch
7comments E3 2011: Microsoft Wants to Entertain You
Posted Mon 6th Jun 2011 4:09pm by Lee Vanden Busch
Microsoft VP says expect an Entertainment focus at this year’s E3
If you’re wondering what to expect from Microsoft at its E3 press conference later today, here’s a hint from Corporate Vice President Frank Shaw : “Xbox = entertainment.”
In a blog posted last week, Shaw explained how the Xbox brand and machine has changed since its launch 10 years ago, and how Microsoft wants to use that change in the future. “Case in point: Xbox and entertainment. For the last ten years at Microsoft, we’ve been turning up the heat on how we think about Xbox, and next week at E3 you will get a chance to see how far we’ve come.”
“Entertainment” is a bit of a vague term, but in this sense, Shaw is referring to the fact that gaming is no longer the sole focus of the Xbox: 
"Let’s look at the numbers and then take a look at what they mean and what the future holds. Just for starters, we’ve sold more than 53m Xbox 360 consoles, and Xbox has been the top-selling console in the last year. There are more than 30m Xbox Live members. And more than 10m Kinects have sold to date. Those are pretty big numbers for a device that, until recently, had primarily been purchased by hardcore gamers. But something interesting has happened in the last few years. While people are still playing a ton of video games, 40 percent of all Xbox activity now is non-game.”
Sony has long positioned the Playstation 3 as the device that does everything, but it looks like Microsoft wants you to know that the 360 can do a lot too.
Xbox: Now That's Entertainment (The Official Microsoft Blog)

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