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Ming Fung
14comments PSN coming back online by 31st May!
Posted Mon 9th May 2011 11:24am by Ming Fung
Start of recovery delayed, there will be tears!
Even after official statements and the open letter from Sir Howard Stringer, the start of PSNs recovery never materialised last week. Now according to Sony spokesmen Shigenori Yoshida the target has shifted and PSN should be back by May 31st.
It’s only right that Sony ensure PSN is as secure as possible, as the company is currently a target for hacking groups. However it’s unthinkable that a service of this type could be down for over a month, as an eco system of users and developers as been built around it. You can only speculate on the over arching effect this will have on PSN and digital services.
Studio Head James Brooksby of developer Double Six had this to say
“My greater concern is how this will affect game consumers’ behaviour across all digital platforms including PSN, XBLA, Steam, iTunes and the rest.”
“Consumers have been ready to buy games online, and this may rock their confidence and become a set back that affects us all.”
“Of course, it’s only a blip, but one that the world of digital games delivery could do without. Time will tell.”
The only sweetener for PSN users is that Sony will be offering them two free games (out of five for PS3, out of four for PSP) when the service does come back online. Whether this will be enough to appease PSN users going cold turkey is another thing.
As information and services are being consolidated into central offerings, it raises many concerns … they are likely to always be targets whether it’s political or in fact financially motivated cyber attacks. There is a question mark over how companies secure them and therefore protect us, Sony’s problems at this point might be blessing in disguise for the long term.

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jamie rafferty
Date Posted 13/05/2011 10:35pm
psn should give us a psn 50 card because all the hackers stole our psn card money fuuckk u hackers!!!!!!!!
Date Posted 10/05/2011 10:22pm
You people are dumb, I love playing onlineas much as the next person, but it's not worth a horrible xbox. If you trade it in for an xbox then 20 days later PSN comes back what u gonna do? idiots... P.s. damn u pathetic kids go get jobs and a life and just wait it out like the other 77 million users...
Toua Thao
Date Posted 10/05/2011 5:49am
what taking so long about the playstation network? can't play any of my game online? I just got my playstation not to long ago and it now won't let me play online?
Date Posted 10/05/2011 1:23am
this is gay im goin to xbox they shld give us 50$ for psn money and playstaton done with sony
Ming Fu
809 GK Points
Date Posted 09/05/2011 11:30pm
All, keep in mind the date of the 31st May is for PSN to be back completely ... it's phased so Online Gaming maybe back before that date.
Date Posted 09/05/2011 7:23pm
Honestly i hate Xbox to death but now im actually willing to trade ps3 for xbox. BUT one thing they should do is tell us which 5 games itll be, Maybe some aint intterested in those 5 picks!!!
Date Posted 09/05/2011 7:20pm
Honestly i hate Xbox to death but now im actually willing to trade ps3 for xbox. BUT one thing they should do is tell us which 5 games itll be, Maybe some aint intterested in those 5 picks!!!
Date Posted 09/05/2011 5:35pm
Ming Fu
809 GK Points
Date Posted 09/05/2011 3:41pm
All, so this conversation does not go off in a tangent, Sony did say they would get parts of PSN up and running last week. The plan was to be phased see They did say online play would the first services to be restored, and this was initially targeted for sometime last week. Like it or not Sony have now decided to delay that and you can only assume they wish to make sure PSN is as secure as possible ... fair enough! As far as I could tell as of last night UK time, you could not even log into PSN, so no one was expecting the *WHOLE* of PSN to be online by last week but we did expect it to be partly back. So to be fair, the article could be made clearer to reflect this.
Date Posted 09/05/2011 3:17pm
IF we are ALL PS fan(as myself) we should have patients and wait for the Company itself to recover. They're taking their time to recover so later in the future no life hacker cant hack them. Put it this way, u wouldnt want to run into war full of enemies without any plan or guns. just let them do the job [:
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