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Michael Kendrick
3comments The Sun stands by its claims against the 3DS
Posted Thu 7th Apr 2011 7:19pm by Michael Kendrick
Denies accusations of a "vendetta" against Nintendo
The ongoing saga surrounding the Nintendo 3DS, and UK tabloid The Sun, has seen some fierce opposition by numerous figures in the game's industry, all of whom refute claims the paper made against Nintendo's revolutionary new device. The Sun told MCV yesterday that they stick by all their claims against the 3DS, despite a statement by HMV saying they hadn't issued a single refund for the console.
 The Sun's consumer editor, Jane Hamilton, told MCV:
“The Sun decided to investigate this issue after receiving an unusually high levels of calls and emails from readers relating to side effects of the Nintendo 3DS,"

“The majority of people will be able to use the console without issue. But the story is about what happens to the minority who cannot use it. Current consumer law makes no provision for them.

“Technology has advanced far more quickly than consumer law and there is no redress for buyers who want to return the console as – through no fault of their own – they cannot use it. Currently they are being told by Nintendo and retailers there are no grounds to return it under current laws as the console is not faulty. For our readers, this is a problem as paying out £200 for an item you cannot use is not acceptable."
The Sun's articles quickly caught the attention of games media and industry, with Sony, a long running competitor of Nintendo, even stepping in to defend the 3D technology utilised by the 3DS. In an interview which will feature in the latest issue of Edge magazine, Mick Hocking, head of Sony's internal 3D development, said:
"Firstly, this is much less of a problem than many people imagine. For example, just wearing a pair of reading glasses will cause a much larger decoupling of your focus/convergence than a typical stereoscopic image will generate.
"Even so, in many stereoscopic images, the subject is placed close to the plane of the screen which makes the image as comfortable to view as a 2D image. We always ensure that the separation of focus and convergence in our games is set within a comfortable range."

"In our experience, we rarely come across anyone who cannot perceive 3D."
Nintendo have adamantly refuted the claims made against the 3DS by The Sun, stating they have received "zero" calls or complaints about dizziness or headaches caused by the console. 


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Ming Fu
809 GK Points
Date Posted 08/04/2011 10:57am
Well it's the same old same old with The Sun ... does not make it right but at least a Video Games subject is important enough for them to cover. Let's hope this is the end of it.
Date Posted 08/04/2011 2:27am
The Sun is a complete pile of bull sh1t
Date Posted 07/04/2011 10:02pm
Typical Sun; full of lies, deliberate miswording, exaggerations and made up nonsense. I did not think anyone took the Sun to be a serious factual newspaper.
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